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Evening Walking Meditation
Come learn the joyful walking meditation technique of love breathing. This simple, yet profound, technique can enhance and strengthen any person’s spiritual practices. Being non-sectarian, yet deeply spiritual, it augments Buddhist, Christian, Hindu practices and from any path that has love at its core. It effectively brings a “walking form” to Buddhist Metta/loving-kindness meditation or Christian and Hindu devotional/contemplative practices. Weekly meditative walks will start and end at the Ananda Community in Mountain View CA. There is no charge. I’ve taken this walking meditation daily for over 7 years now. Always I’m filled with a calm, vibrant joy that then pervades the next day. Hosting walks is my way of giving back for such a blessing. There will be a 15 minute introduction, if needed, at the start, then a 30 minute walk, followed by a 10 minute sitting meditation (in the Ananda Community meditation room). These slow walks exercise the soul without challenging your body. Please RSVP, so I'll know to look for you. If Thursdays don't work for you, email me and we can arrange another day. I routinely do this meditation walk several days a week, same time & same location. It's always nice and increases the energy when someone else joins in. A book about “Love Breathing” can be downloaded free at

Ananda Community

240 Monroe Drive · Mountain View, CA