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What we're about

Let's get together to improve our life with walking mindfulness meditation in the forest.
Release tension, connect to your interior support system, reducing stress and anxiety and depression, promotes serenity and deep breathing.

This workshop consist of 2 hours of walking silent meditation, you will learn how to breath to reduce stress or anxiety and how to be in the now. These experiences for everyone 18 years and up. It is an excellent way to enhance inner serenity, reduce stress, fear, anxiety and holistic heath.
This workshop is not a course or religious meditation. We just going to learn how to breath and stress out,connect with nature and be in the present moment.

This Meetup repeats every weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, choose any days good for your busy schedule.

we going to work with a small group of 15 people. Please contact me through Meetup, Facebook/dailyenthusiamsforlife or phone. 631-807-0321

Kids and pets are not allowed.

We asking for a suggested donation of $ 10. You may donate in person at the event.

What to bring?
- Comfortable clothing
_ Sneakers or hiking shoes
- water
- Backpack
- Small towel or anything to sit in the ground
- light lunch or snack ( if you want ).
- Whatever helps you be safe and comfortable outside.

What not to bring:
- Alcohol
- Cigarettes
- Recreational drugs of any kind

Cell phone will put into silent ( airplane mode).

This group runs through the generous donations of the members. 5$- 10$. Donations are graciously accepted. This is a non profit group. The organizers put in their time as a labor of love.

if there are any medical condition, injuries, pregnancy, etc. Please consult with your doctor prior to attending. The park is full of beautiful wilderness areas. Our Meetup location will vary. We need to be mindful of thing like poison oak, ticks, mosquito , uneven walking surfaces and sunburn. This is a voluntary meetup . Irene Ballesteros is not responsible for any theft, or injury that may occur during the walking meditation in the forest meetup.

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Forest Bathing, (Smithtown, NY)

Caleb Smith State Park

Forest Bathing, (Smithtown, NY)

Caleb Smith State Park

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