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Hearts Of Iron, our current Victorian steampunk campaign kicks off with the arrival of a mysterious black orchid, and the coincidental alignment of its existence with the lives of our main characters.

A mysterious Arab recurs in the lives of some. A search for an esoteric cure spurs hope in others. The hidden secrets shrouded in the repressed memories of a society lady. What do they all have in common?

From the cities nestling on the rivers of the world, to those nestling on the rivers of the Otherworld, our adventure begins in the light of civilisation. But as that light dims, only the darkness is real, and only a heart of iron will see the dawn...

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Hearts Of Iron Ep 5: Pursuit

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Sir Richard was orchestrating the ritual, and the twins had been taken from Quixotes house - over the body of the housekeeper. He is now a prisoner on the sub, and his grieving confused wife sits vigil. You may have the figurine and the orchid, but Emma Godolphin has the maps of the ancient dig site, the doctors diaries and the ritual books... In the Godolphin quest for immortality, the only thing which stands in the way is our party. Can they intercept and stop another attempt?

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Hearts Of Iron Ep 4: Clockwork Vaudeville

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