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Wallyball Network is for players wanting to come out and seriously play this amazing game. Game style and rules are VARIED so PLEASE read the event for details. SOME events are recreational and ANY can attend. SOME events are competitive level and skill levels are recognized. PLEASE be sure to assess your skill level before accepting an event.

about Wallyball

Wallyball is played inside of a Racquetball court. The walls, ceiling, back wall on your team side are in play. Hitting a ball to your opponent side must abide by the "one side wall" rule. Ceiling and back wall when hitting to opponent is out of bounds. One "side" wall serves are allowed. Net serves are NOT allowed. Many of the other rules are quite similar to Volleyball. We ask all players to play in a team bump/set format. It is not ok to simply hit the ball over shot after shot and not attempt to set.

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Key links about the sport:

American Wallyball Association: http://www.wallyball.com/

Wallyball Information Network : http://wally.ball.net/

Warning, Wallyball can be a very fast, intensive sport frequently resulting in injury which is intensified by the walls and smaller court. We play in a competitive style where spikes can be 80+MPH and getting hit with the ball is a frequent occurrence. Please judge your skill level and abilities accordingly, and play at your own risk. This club and our parks are not responsible for injury.

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