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Who needs a boost? Energy, love, courage, passion for your life? Fulfilling and fun relationship? Thriving business? Do you feel ready for more? Come and learn with us the Art of Manifesting. And, yes, Self Love is the first step. I am a qualified Psychotherapist, NLP practitioner and a Law of Attraction Life Coach and a founder of She's Got Passion where we help women to fall in love with themselves and bring that love back into their families and business. Every meetup is set as an interactive lesson in self love and Manifesting. I will show you how to use the Law of Attraction to improve your life now. My style is practical/no wishy-washy talk/straight to the point. Come and join the community of loved and loving passionately women. Bring your notebook as you will take away many awesome Manifesting tools every time we meet! We are here to support, encourage and inspire each other to be deliciously exited about life.


This is what our members had said about the is Meetup:

I thoroughly enjoyed this group, even though I was shy. I think with more sessions I will engage in learning about self love more. Thank you, Lira. Rachel A

Energy! I want to be a “positive force” in my life & others now. I will get the job I can feel it! I’m in love with the group. Thank you, Lira! Renee A

Reinforced the positive thoughts that are already in my brain and my blood like ‘keep it good girl!” The way you turned the subject from negative to positive - good pointer! Sandra L

As I was in the room talking about how Law of Attraction works I felt it even more. It’s amazing! G

You had shown me many helpful tools here, thank you!Baby steps and small successes matter! I’m really inspired by your energy and I love that you started this group. I can’t wait to learn more from you and this group! Tanya

Need to focus on what makes me happy & put it into account. Lisa

I am not alone in my feelings of self doubt & law self esteem. Renewed energy in finding self love. I really enjoyed this group! Looking forward to the next one. Claire

Stop procrastinating. Take the first step. Start loving yourself! Nadia

It felt good to think about and focus on the ways I love myself. I want to do more! Nicki F

I learned practical and artistic ways to exercise self love. Emma S

Forgive myself and strive for the better, knowing there are so many other people who struggle with the same issue. I am looking forward to participating in the next group! Cheryl H

I do more for myself that I thought! Karla B.

Note from Lira:

I love you all! I work with high-achiveing professional women offering High-end Expert VIP-Days and Smaller Coaching Groups on certain topics. @ www.lirakay.com This Meetup is my way to give back to our community. I put in as much expertise and energy into our Meetup workshops as I would into any interaction I have with my paying clients. I am determent to keep our workshops totally FREE and accessible to everyone. Please come and benefit from our support and love. We truly help each other and that what matters the most. YOU MATTER!

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