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This is a Meetup for those interested in playing a friendly, co-ed Ultimate Frisbee game in Civic Park in Walnut Creek on Monday evenings, warm-up 5pm and start around 5:15/5:30pm- and Saturday mornings, warm-up 9:30 and start around 9:45/10:0am.

No previous experience with Ultimate Frisbee is required, but basic throwing and catching skills are appreciated (and folks are generally happy to help you if you ask, especially during warm up).

Ultimate Frisbee is a non contact sport meaning no physical contact is allowed between players.

We do most of our organizing on Facebook - so if you have found us here, and want to be sure to see the latest updates, go to: Walnut Creek Novice-Intermediate Ultimate Frisbee and join there as well.

Recommended items to bring: exercise clothes, cleats, both a light shirt and dark shirt (to switch teams as necessary), sunscreen, hydration, and first aid. Extra discs and cones are a plus, but we have enough.

RSVPs for those planning to attend (not those who regretfully cannot participate) are encouraged, as it helps us determine whether there are enough people to have a game, especially as some folk come from far awayto play, so please keep your status up to date.

Civic Park is a free public park, and space is not reserved. Though space is shared with other members of the public, we have not had trouble with games at this time.

Dues for this Meetup: We welcome contributions to help defray the small cost of Meetup. $5-20 to Jan when you see him.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to seeing you on the field!

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Saturday Ultimate!

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Saturday Ultimate!

Ygnacio Valley Park

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