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We are a group that provides an opportunity for Pit Bull owners to walk with a group to help socialize shy dogs and meet fellow minded Pit Bull owners. We do a structured walk/hike in different locations and want our hikes to be enjoyable for all. Suggestions for new ares to hike are always welcome. Some dog can get excited when hiking with a group of dogs . To allow excitable dogs to calm down and get comfortable the group, a distance of 5 to 6 feet is to be kept between the dogs. Some dogs may require additional space. Hikes average one to two hikes per month, weather permitting, with each hike lasting up to an hour and are low key. We welcome all dogs to join us on our hikes. No dog to dog greetings at anytime throughout the hike. It sets a precedent for the entire group, and teaches the dogs they don't always have to meet. Know your dog’s boundaries and speak up when you need more, and in turn respect each others boundaries. When the group is stopped ( example; before the hike, water breaks, or after the hike) we have the dogs spaced out with plenty of room. It’s important for each of us to be aware if their dog is staring at another. This is more likely going to happen whenever the group is stopped. Not all dogs do the hard stare, it is ok for them to look at one another, but you want it to be a looking around, checking things out kind of thing. Not a, “I‘m focused on you“, thing! Bring high value treats, and try to get your dog’s focus back on you, or turn your dog away from whatever it is interested in. Break the eye contact. All activities are on-leash. We do not allow flexi (retractable) leashes on the hikes. No off leash at anytime. There is a 2 dog maximum per person Please join us to continue to socializing your Pitty, meet new people and enjoy the hike. We hope you will join us.

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