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What is an introvert? I don't want to tell you what that should mean to you but it is something that l identify with and l embrace that side of myself. Sometimes l prefer to read a book than go to the pub; l like to show my face at a party but not stay too long; l appreciate the quality of my friends, rather than the quantity. Being introverted means having a set of positive qualities that sometimes puts you at odds with the society that we live in but as no less an important part of it. We are as social as anyone, we just approach that side of ourselves in a more tentative way. That also often means that we can make it difficult to find one another! For those of us who accept the label of introvert, l want to give us space to discover that we're not alone out there. This group will give us the chance to spend time doing activities that fit our sensibilities while fulfilling the social needs that we have too. Less pressure, less showboating, less demanding, just the chance to be more... ourselves.

To ensure that we keep numbers manageable and to encourage involvement with the group, there is now a joining fee of £5.00 for all members, due within seven days of joining. An email is sent out with further details of this once your membership is approved. Please check that you have your Meetup settings ready to receive emails before signing up to the group! There is also an annual fee, due each January, of £5.00. All of these funds are put back into the group.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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