What we're about

What we're about

All is One. One is All There is.


We ask that before participating in any discussions or attending any meet ups, that all members have read a minimum of AT LEAST the first ten pages of channeled material from book 1 of the Law of One Series, available at Amazon, LLResearch.org for purchase or free download. You don't have to buy the book(s), they're free online.

This social group is primarily for compassionate, positively oriented souls in service-to-others and The One Infinite Creator, light-workers on the Service-To-Others (STO) positive spiritual path who see Creator both in everyone/everything and him/herself.

We operate from the vibration of Oneness for we know that We Are All One, and the One Infinite Intelligent Creator* Is All That There Is.* [Also called God, Yahweh, Elohim, Allah, Infinite Intelligent Creator, Source, Love Intelligence Governing the Universe, whatever you wish to call the One Creator of All That Is.]

Welcome Other Selves!

Why are we here and why should you join?

Our Mission

1. Support each other with the energy of love, compassion, respect as we would desire anyone support us. Support the spiritual evolution of humankind in service of the One Infinite Creator.

2. Share-Teach-Learn the Law of One and topics such as:

Reading selectively channeled material from STO sources
Channeling STO sources
Why am I here; what is my path?
Why didn't everything change after 12/21/2012? Or Did It?
Why is my path so hard?
How do I heal?
Empowerment versus Buying into Fear
The Illusion of Duality & Relativity
Separation is Illusion, Only Unity is Real
How do I manifest/co-create?
How can I develop my psychic intuition, open my third eye?
What about Past Lives (cycles)?
Where is my soul mate?
Why do I feel like I'm not from here?

3. Group Meditation, Group Healing, Group Manifestation

4. Share stories, insights, readings from the Law of One

1. Respect self/others - no derogatory remarks regarding a Beings personal choice(s).
2. Respect others/venue - sober discussion only at official meetings in public places.
3. STS-oriented material will only be discoursed privately.
4. No channeling/light languages during public, open meetings.
5. No personal solicitations during meetings. Business cards/flyers are allowed on side tables.


Have you serendipitously stumbled upon the Law Of One (RA Material), freaked out and thought, "Oh my God, I can't be the only one who found this stuff! This is heavy and I got to talk to someone else who 'gets it,' who understands!" That's one of the reasons for the group.


If you haven't stumbled upon it and are curious, try reading a few pages here: http://llresearch.org/library.aspx

Around 1980, three spiritual seekers were exploring channeling to find answers to the big cosmic questions. They made contact with a positively oriented group soul identifying itself as RA and offered to help answer the group's questions. The group recorded the "Ra Sessions" for several years and published them as "The Law of One."

There has been a great deal of wonderful channeled material in our time through Abraham/Hicks, Neil Donald Walsh, Seth/Roberts, but this comes across as some of the most pure channeling we've seen.

We will surely delve into other channeled works and each is welcome to bring anything they find inspirational and profound to discuss.


"If you feel you are a wanderer, an "alien" or foreigner of this planet, an outsider to planet Earth, or if you feel Earth is no longer your native land simply because you've awakened from the planetary dream, hang in there and don't let the wanderer's blues get you down for long! You are OK! We are all here to help and guide you!"

"Some Wanderers are ETs who've come from elsewhere to Earth for this incarnation. Other wanderers are earth natives who matured spiritually, awakening to their metaphysical identity, thereby making worldly identity less real, creating the sense of being a stranger in a strange land."

"Wanderers are each unique but their likeliest common characteristics are a sense of alienation/foreignness & isolation as they cope with a strong, increasing inner knowing they're here to serve. All of us came eager to serve & bring love & light. We are OK! We need not worry! We are here to help everyone!"

"The lesson & mission all wanderers have in common is to give & receive love. We're light anchors, bringing light through and into the earth planes..."

–from Wanderer's Handbook, Carla Ruckert.

All separation is illusion. Unity is Reality.

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