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"An unquestioned answer is worse than an unanswered question."

Like that old, soulful U2 rock anthem, do you sometimes find yourself singing "I still haven't found what I'm looking for?" Or maybe you find yourself “losing your religion" just like that classic R.E.M. song says. "I cant Live... with or without you" might perfectly describe your relationship with the institutional church or even God himself.

We get it.

We come from many backgrounds and traditions. But most importantly, we wrestle with the faith we were raised in, the traditions of all the major christian denominations (orthodox, catholic, and the multitude of protestant streams) as well as the faith we hold for ourselves. We ask hard questions of God, life, loving... because we want real answers. Authors that we might discuss would be Rob Bell, Brian McLaren, Donald Miller, Neil Cole, Tim Keller, and more. If you love to read books by these authors and others like them, you'll fit right in. And if you don't like to read, you can just jump in the discussion.

This group is for people who, like Jacob, wrestle with God and don't let go until we hear His voice directly... and most of us have a limp because of it. :) All faiths, all beliefs, all doctrinal stances, all questions, all colors, all races, and all ages welcome. We don't promise answers, but we do promise a safe place to ask your questions and honest feedback for you to think about.

A SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT OUR ATMOSPHERE: If you have questions about your own faith, please come and ask them to get some feedback and non-judgmental questions. If you have questions about OTHER'S faith... Please keep them to yourself. We're here to hear others think out loud and think out loud ourselves....

Please don't interrupt our thinking with your lack of it. :)

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