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Leads and Sweeps Training!

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So let's meet at 9am for eats and then at 10 we'll head outside to discuss the days events and trials. It will be easy to follow along and learn how to do this.

We need to keep doing these or we have to limit the number of rider's because we don't have enough Leads and Sweeps. That goes for ALL the clubs!

Have you ever wanted to be in control? Ever thought,

"That Mike guy really doesn't know what he's doing"! Or where he is going!

Or," Geez, I could do this so easy"!

Well here's YOUR chance Cupcake! Peel that diaper off, put on some real pants and show me what you got!!

Lets meet at the Sunol Railroad Cafe ( for breakfast at 10am and work up some strategies for a ride. Safety Talk at 10 then leave.

I can try to explain some of the details for leading and sweeping. It's easier than it looks, NOT!

You can learn to become one of the the few, the elite who can drive that train to it's destination, or at least learn what it's like to try and get a group from one place to the other.

Route to be determined, Last time we went up and down Kilkare Road. there is almost nobody on it and it's just right there out of Sunol.

Last year we did this and it was ALLOT of Fun. We will probably be done about 3 or 4.