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We will meet twice per month to network and share ideas and travel, blogging and podcasting tips. This group is for individuals who love travel or are entrepreneurs looking to center a life and "career" around travel and experiencing the world. Each week, we will have a designated topic to discuss! We will share ideas and stories and help one another along in achieving our ultimate goals. We can even exchange expertise and potentially organize some trips together. This is an open community in a world and country which can be very closed minded about travel and entrepreneurship! Can't wait to meet y'all!

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Where are you Going in 2021?! A Meetup for Wanderlusters and Creatives

Is it time yet for another virtual meetup?! It sure is! Welcome back, fellow creatives and travel community! We are set for our next meetup at last! We are no longer doing these every month so if you're looking to get involved with us, you'll definitely want to come to this event! Today, we will specifically discuss travel plans and goals for this year of 2021. After last year, I'm positive that if you're part of this group, you're probably ready! I know I am! Newcomers and regulars alike are invited to attend. The more the merrier! :) Whether you're thinking of traveling domestically or abroad this year, today, we will get together and discuss travel ideas with one another and talk about the ins and out of visiting various dream destinations. We will share information about certain places and toss around some ideas. Feel free to share your own experiences and memories about your own favorite destinations or even bring some pictures if you'd like! We're having this meetup today because I not only want to connect with other fellow die-hard travelers out there but it is in the nature of my own travel entrepreneurship (Purple Hood Adventures) that I specifically help connect travelers to information about specific locations and I can help connect you all with unique excursions and tours, best flight and hotel deals, travel supplies and even trip planning help if you're looking for any of that! We are in the process of creating destination pages on our site with things like money saving tips, top sites to see, top tours and even top researched hotel and hostel options! So if you're looking for access to a free page with ALL of the information you need in one place, well...here's your chance! Join us for the event and we will specifically add a page with your destination of interest just for you! This is your chance to tell me where YOU want to go and get some free help, support, information and resources along the way! It's a win-win, right?! If you're serious about going somewhere awesome this year, come meet with us! We will work with you to help you get there! Or...ya know. Just come and hang out and chat with us! :-D It's time for us all to get connected once again! Can't wait to see everyone again! Happy 2021! *If you're unfamiliar, Purple Hood Adventures meetup groups are dedicated to everyone who makes travel and experiencing the world a priority. It is also for those who want to build a lifestyle centered on traveling and for creative influencers looking to build a location-independent life. and/or is interested in or has an entrepreneurship. It is for wanderlusters. In each meetup we have, we discuss various travel or creative influencing/location-independent living-related topics. My aim is to create a worldwide connection for the purpose of group travel, networking, information exchanges and new friendships across the globe. We meet both physically and virtually depending on the month and year. If you're curious to know more about Purple Hood Adventures, you can visit our website here: https://purplehoodadventures.com

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