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What should you be looking for when funding your next deal?

- Are you new or just starting out?

- Are you experienced or Looking to grow?

- Are you flipping and now want to own rental properties?

- Do you have cash and no or bad credit?

- Do you have credit but no cash?

- Do you have cash and credit but no job?

- Do you partner or do you just give a percentage of return?

Most investors struggle with these questions and funding is one of the biggest issue they always run into.

In a market like today there is money available everywhere. The problem is most investors don't know how to get their deal funded because they don't understand deal structure.

We have all heard the phrase in real estate: If you have the right deal money and credit is not an issue. This statement by itself is true but one key factor is missing. That is if you do not structure your deal correctly then you may not get funded.

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