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Hello and welcome! PLEASE READ all of the below as it contains the rules for this group :) This is a group for people in their 20s and 30s in Warrington who like to go for walks in the wild, be that walks around nature reserves, parks, woods or other nature based places. See below for group rules :)

Initially it would be great if the group could explore more local places, like Moore Nature Reserve, Lumb Brook and Risley Moss. However, it would also be nice to venture out further afield in the long run and organise day trips to other places of natural interest. If anyone wants to only do part of a walk then they are more than welcome to, just make sure you know either your way back or where you're heading to next!

Rule 0: Have fun and enjoy the walk!

Rule 1: If you wish to join the group, please be between 20 and 40 years of age. Warrington is sorely lacking in social groups for this age range, or so it would seem, so I'm attempting to fix this issue and bring about a better social situation for people within this age bracket!

Rule 2: Please also be willing to attend a few of the events that get created :)

Rule 3: Please note that if you want to bring your dog/pig/goat/other on a walk with us you will need to check if the walk you wish to go on is a pet friendly walk. If the walk is NOT pet friendly, it will say so in the event's title and chances are your pet won't be invited! Some members of the group attending the same walk might have allergies or may have a phobia. The walk might also be specifically about observing nature that may be disturbed by the presence of a dog! If a walk IS dog friendly and you would like to attend but have an issue with a dog coming, please let me and/or the event's organiser know Two to Three days in advance of the walk. We need to know early so we can advise any members bringing dogs that dogs may no longer be welcome, or that they might have to walk at the back of the group and be aware of your issue.

Rule 4: If your pet is allowed, be sure to keep them on a lead, bring some cleanup bags and obey the rules of wherever we go site wise for a walk! Dogs should be kept on a lead because on some of the walks we go on squirrels and other small animals are present, and we don't want to scare them away!

Rule 5: Once a month there will be a family and friends walk! These are walks that allow you to bring one or two extra people with you, who can be outside of the age bracket for this group. For example, if you wish to bring along your partner who is older than 39, they are most welcome to join us on these walks! However, for the sake of fairness and sticking to the group's target demographic, please do not invite family or friends who are outside of this age range on a non family and friends walk. This group really is targeted for people in their 20s and 30s, so please follow this rule :)

Rule 6: If you wish to smoke or vape on a walk, please make sure that no one else is going to be affected by your smoking/vaping. This will most likely mean moving to the back of the walking group. This is asked mainly because of people having conditions such as asthma but also out of politeness :)

Each walk may have unique rules applied to them so please check the description of each walk. If you turn out to be a rebel and break any of the rules too many times, you will have to be removed from the group :(

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