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The first rule of Agile is: you must talk about Agile.
The second rule of Agile is: if it doesn't work, it wasn't proper Agile!

Welcome to the Warsaw Agile Cult.

OK, so this is a little tongue in cheek, I admit. This is a meetup for anyone with skin in the Agile game; Scrum Masters, actual people-who-do-the-work like Developers, DBA's, Testers, Project Managers (upon political re-education), Lean trainers, Kanban Sensei's, Agile Coaches, techies, engineers, layabouts, dog-walkers and priests... all are welcome!

Currently we are building our membership and very soon we will host our first event!

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Warsaw Agile Cult - First Meetup ("When Agile Goes Bad")

The Google Campus

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