How to Prepare Your Agency for AI-based Cybersecurity

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As humans, we sense and respond to situations using a lifetime of experience and learning. When an agency’s cybersecurity systems can do the same, security professionals must respond to attacks at greater scale and speed. A best-in-class AI solution from industry leaders such as IBM and NVIDIA can outpace attacks on security systems that can understand, reason and learn.

Attend this meetup and you'll learn:
• What implications does the rise of AI have on cybersecurity within the Federal Government?
• What role can AI play in incident response?
• Can IT help prepare agencies for real-world cyberattack scenarios?

Please join, IBM, NVIDIA and Meadowgate for an informative session.

Following is a brief agenda for the afternoon:

Welcome and Introduction (10 mins)
• Bob Merkert, IBM VP Federal Systems
• Anthony Robbins, NVIDIA VP Federal

Automatic Machine Learning for the Enterprise (10 mins)
• Peter Sollimo, Alliances Director,

Preparing your Government Agency for AI: Are you Ready? (20 mins)
• Anthony Robbins, NVIDIA VP Federal
o How to anticipate your users’ concerns and lead the migration to AI
o What is the AI revolution?

Biggest Challenges with Unstructured Data (30 mins)
• Bob Merkert, IBM VP Federal Systems
• AI in Cybersecurity
o Automatic threat detection, predictive analytics, breach deterrence
o Image processing, facial recognition
• AI Data Management
• AI Data Pipeline

Removing Impediments to AI insights with High- Performance Storage (20 mins)
• Dave McDonnell, IBM Storage
o Storage Market for AI Workloads
o Moving Data from Ingest to Insights

NVIDIA and IBM: The Best of Enterprise AI (30 mins)
• Adam Thompson, NVIDIA Solution Architect
o IBM Spectrum Storage for AI with NVIDIA DGX

How to Get Started and Next Steps (10 mins)
• Dave McDonnell, IBM
• Phil Loperfido, Meadowgate