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Hello everyone,

We made excellent progress at our most recent meeting of the Meditation Friendly Cohousing Initiaiative and are well on our way - thanks to Ann's and Jack's help - to beginning the planning process for our very own cohousing community! Trudi's excellent Meeting Notes are below, including our Agenda for this next meeting.

This will be a crucial meeting for firming up our near term goals and planning into the fall. Please join us!

Here are Trudi's notes from our meeting on the 23rd at Eastern Village Cohousing:


After a brief welcome by Rob Creekmore followed by each person present introducing him/herself, telling where s/he currently lives, and what s/he hopes to get out of the session, we broke into small groups for a team-building exercise.

Jack Wilbern and Ann Zabaldo of Cohousing Collaborative presented material on the stages in developing cohousing, where this group is currently at in this process, and suggestions on how we might wish to proceed.

Following the presentation and discussion, those present looked at a possible timeline and what we'd like to accomplish at the end of approximately four months (end of October).

Immediate Goals
The following near term goals were proposed and agreed upon by the
participants to begin the process for the next four months:
- Meet every other week for the next four months (8-9 sessions).
- Each participant will state his/her interest and how much time s/he is willing to commit.
- Read Chapter 1 of Creating Cohousing by Charles Durrett and Katherine McCamant and be prepared to discuss at our next meeting.

- Kathy Beck will contact Jack to see on what weekend dates (July 13 – August 4) the Blueberry Hill Common House is available from 4:00 – 7:30 p.m. for our next meeting. [This has already been done, and Jack responded with dates. We are meeting on July 27th as stated above.]
- Rob will communicate with folks on the MeetUp site and the listserv to determine on which of these dates they are available [already done as well].
- Once Rob gets the results tabulated, the date on which most people can attend will be chosen and communicated through both the listserv (by Kathy) and the MeetUp site (by Rob) [already done as well].
- Prior to that time, it is requested that all group members acquire a copy of Creating Cohousing by Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett (2011 edition). This book is available through Amazon and through the Fairfax County (and others?) Public Library in book and E-book form.

Agenda for Next Meeting
The next meeting will be facilitated by Rob.

· 4:00 – 4:30 Meet and Greet
· 4:30 – 6:30 Do the following:
o Decide upon the goals for the group to accomplish in the next four months (Some proposed goals are listed below

o Decide on milestones to reach those goals during the next four months.
o Decide on what teams are needed and who will participate on each team.
o Determine roles, e.g., who will facilitate those sessions, who will take the notes, who will communicate to all interested parties, who will be Treasurer, etc.
o Determine dates/times/places for the next 7-8 sessions.
o Begin to explore how we will educate ourselves and future interested parties regarding cohousing.
o Begin to explore monetary needs (do we need dues and why, how much, what they will cover (food, copies, venue donations, fees for professionals like Ann and Jack, etc.).
· 6:30 – 7:30 Pot Luck Dinner

Potential Goals for the Next Four Months
- Work on educating ourselves on the cohousing process by reading and discussing Creating Cohousing and other ways of educating ourselves.
- Create a Member Packet that describes the expectations of membership in our group such as attending meetings, having meals together, paying dues, establishing and participating on teams, learning about cohousing, etc.
- Begin to explore a name for the community (e.g., "Sangha").
- Develop ways to attract new members.
- Be prepared by October to complete a Group Profile suggested by the Cohousing Collaborative in preparation for participating in their Timeline Game that lays out the detailed steps for developing a cohousing community.