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Let's hhave an Entomophagy New Years Celebration!!
To all my Bug-Buddies in the Entomophagy MeetUp, This group was started in mid-2014 when I was working in Guyana. During the first year, it was hard to get much participation because we were only about 6-8 members. Great news!! We are now at 21 members and it is time to answer the question; What do we want to do and how do we want to meet? I have worked and travelled in many parts f the world and witnessed the impact of raising traditional livestock, on the world climate and the diets of the majority of people that have few resources. It seems like this next month of January is a great time to celebrate the agreements in Paris and the growing focus on working together as a world community. I would like to throw out some ideas to start discussion and invite any ideas that members would like to contribute. The more, the merrier! Bugluck Dinner - A new twist on the traditional Potluck Dinner where everyone brings a food dish to share. Tacos Chaplines - Cricket tacos served in the traditional Oaxaca, Mexico style at a W,DC restaurant. An afternoon workshop to teach how to raise Crickets safely in the home for consumption (based upon the instructions published in Popular Science, 2014) An Entomophagy Conference in W,DC where we can invite the public, Govt., NGO, UN representatives to talk about Insects, Food Security and Climate. An Entomophagy Entrepreneurs Gathering to brainstorm on how to hire yourself in an Insect startup business in the many opportunities that this presents. More ideas? Send them in! It is time to help the world start this New Year with some new ideas to change things! David

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We are having an incredible adventure working on world food security and sustainable development with the UN, leading economists and entomophagists around the world. Come join us and learn about entomophagy!

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