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Let's have a campfire cookout.

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When I go to my hometown and visit friends, we always camp and cook a few meals on a campfire. I would like to do that here in the DC area.

It goes like this:
You generally show up in the early afternoon and start a fire. Then you drink until coals are ready. When the coals are ready you get your stuff in your dutch oven and cover it in coals. It takes a while to cook. When it's ready you eat it and make the next thing. Then you repeat this process a few times. If you can get a few dutch ovens going, even better. You can start with a pot of mussels, take the jus from that and make a stew, take the jus from the stew and cook some steaks in it. By the time the steaks are done its getting dark out and you are full of food. Some people camp, some people go home and sleep in their bed.

I've camped at Greenbelt Park before, it's insanely convenient.


We've got a few people saying they will go now, so I thought I'd add a few details about what you can bring if you want to contribute.

Non-food things we could use

• Outdoor cookware

• Folding tables & camp chairs

• Firewood

• Trash bags

• Hand Sanitizer

• Money


• Mussels

• Pot Roast

• Chicken

• Potatoes

• Onions

• Mushrooms

• Butter

• Water (jugs, not bottles)