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This is a group who indulges in Ethiopian Philosophy and politics around coffee houses. This group will be for people who value and view Ethiopian philosophy and politics combined.

Events held in this group are all about life and happiness on Planet Earth and thereafter. This Meetup group is created by ABR Partners to bring community together on the basis of Zere Zera Yacob philosophy. Zera Yacob was an Ethiopian philosopher who lived in the 15th Century. He was a contemporary of Descartes, a French philosopher who lead England and France in new way of knowledge. However, Zera Yacob's Method of knowledge of God, of Human and the duties of Man was sharply different from Descartes.

It is true that Descartes became the founder of modern philosophy of Science in which God is disclosed through intelligence whereas for Zera Yacob God is revealed through Natural Reason.There lies their difference. Yacob's Method of Natural Reason is a common sense which is equivalent to today's digital age.

The Digital Age like the Age of the Renaissance is blooming but the communication to the Heart and the Mind is not.a

This group is about Methods of Natural Reasoning in a way of cultivating citizens mindset in a global world, based on local community.

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Sankofa coffee shop

Cooperation for life

Sankofa coffee shop


Sankofa coffee shop

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