Introduction to scare tactic and moving obstacles at Butlerhill


People often tell me that they wish their horse was like Spud. Becoming a herd of two. A horses number one concern is their safety. It's a great feeling when your horse feels safe with you. Moving targets like bags on the trail or moving obstacles you encounter at the shows can really scare a horse. A simple system and controlled small class environment specially working on de-spooking any horse to moving or scary obstacles. If you have never done obstacles you can also start here. Every horse could use a bit of de-spooking . Class starts in hand but have your horse saddled if it's broke to ride. This class can also be done totally in hand but if your horse is broke go ahead and saddle up. Small class 2 hours $45.00 please do not sign up unless you know for sure you are coming. If you bail out within 24 hours or no show you are expected to pay..... Thank you