Introduction to obstacles and horsemanship class at Butlerhill


DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A CLASS if you are not coming. Dropping out at the last minute or not showing up makes it too late for someone else to sign up so you will need to pay for your spot if someone doesn't take it. Thank you for understanding.

Introduction to obstacles and horsemanship.
This class is for those looking to improve their communication with their horse both on the ground, obstacles and under saddle . We will also be addressing obstacles, ground manners, herd bound, spookiness, understanding and training horses is fast and easy if you know how they learn and how they think, it does not take years. Its not about the obstacle it is about the relationship. Simple clear horsemanship drills and practice to improve your ride. This is also a great starting over class. If you have issues away from home. If your horse goes over obstacles at home but is spooky and refuses away from home. (If your horse is spooky on trails you should consider our drill and de-spook classes held all winter) Small class size 2 hours $45.00