What we're about

Hi there! This group is intended for people in the DC area who have a vision for some electronic media product, and are actively working to bring it to fruition. The media I'm referring to includes things such electronic music, photography and video special effects, motion graphics, voice acting/rapping, creative writing that includes visual and audio elements, and maybe some things I haven't even thought of yet. I am working on a project that uses Adobe creative cloud applications, music mixing/composing in Reason (digital audio workstation), photography and video, creative writing, voice acting, and foreign languages. I am happy to share all that I know about these with you. The reason I'm focusing on the LGBTQ community is that I am a member, and would be interested in meeting others with my interests. You don't have to be LGBT or Q to join, but you should be at least friendly. I am a gay man in my mid-50s, who worked in IT for others for 30 years, but wanted to pursue his own vision instead of continue on the same path for however many years until retirement. I am looking for others who are doing similar things and who are looking for others to "bounce ideas off of", share knowledge and resources with, have a vision that they are pursuing, and are serious about bringing it to light. If this sounds like you, then please let me know!

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