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NOTE: You don't have to pay for your first meetup! • What we'll do: This meetup is for players of all levels. We try to play at least one full game (east-south) per meetup. Depending on experience level and attendance we'll try to allow more experienced players to play with each other and have a separate game for those who are new or learning to play. • What to bring Please bring your set if you have one! Currently, the meetup (myself) only owns one set so we need members to bring their own if we're going to have multiple games.

Teaism at Penn Quarter

400 8th St NW (corner 8th and D Streets) · Washington, DC

What we're about

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If you're interested in playing Riichi Mahjong or learning how to play Riichi Mahjong this meetup is perfect. We welcome players of all levels and we are willing to teach newcomers. Riichi mahjong is the official name for Japanese style Mahjong and is the same style seen in popular anime like Akagi and Saki. The Wikipedia page for Japanese Mahjong ( gives a lot of good information about the specifics of this style as it compares to other popular Mahjong rulesets.

Here are some other usefully links for learning about riichi mahjon:

• Cheat sheet (for printing double sided on a single sheet) (

• List of yaku (1) (

• List of yaku (2) (

• Online flash game vs AI for practice (

We would be open to other styles but only if there is enough interest to support it. If you have a mahjong set that you would lend to the group it would enable us to play more tables. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to host a meeting.

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