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Geocaching in Maryland

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Have you ever wanted to go geocaching? Do you even know what geocaching is? Geocaching is like treasure hunting with a GPS (Global Positioning System). On this trip, you will learn the basics of using a GPS. Using a GPS, we go to specific coordinates. At these coordinates, sometimes there is a question that needs to be answered that can only be answered by visiting that place, sometimes there is a container to find, and sometimes that container is really tiny, making one really search for it. Geocaching combines the fun of walking and exploring new places with the challenge of looking for something. It ranges in difficulty from very easy to extremely challenging.

For this trip, we will be doing caches in Oregon Ridge Park in Maryland. If you have a GPS, please bring it; however, you do not need a GPS to do this event.

Level: All. No previous experience necessary.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, January 22, 2014

$7 members, $10 non-members

Please visit our website: to register and pay for this event. Once you register, you will receive trip details and directions to our meeting location. If you have questions about an event and do not yet wish to register, please send an email to