What we're about

Relaxed spades, Oh Hell, and adding BID WHIST

Trump bidding games for fun and socializing


A regular deck, no added trump like jokers or 2's high, nils allowed, and bags. WE DO PLAY VARIATIONS when people want to.

Plus special games like

SUICIDE: one partner MUST nil each hand

MIRRORS: force bid the number of spades in your hand( always a thirteen bid, no spades must nil)

and any other variation the group suggests that others want to try.

Oh hell

A bidding game where you only score if you make your bid exactly. Great for going bidding skills and can be played with 3- 8 people.

Bid whist

Similar to spades but you have to win the bid, can have the order be high or low ie ace high or ace and 1 and low beats higher cards, and you pick trump suit.

Hopefully we can find a great locale (any help on that score would be appreciated as this is my first foray into organizing a meetup). I DO LOVE LE PAIN QUOTIDIAN off DuPont circle let's see how that works for us. Also a future tournament situation would be fun and regular weekly or twice a month meetups would be great. Remember it's about fun and socializing.

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Le Pain Quotidien

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Bourbon Coffee - Eastern Market


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Oh hell night

Le Pain Quotidien

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