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We're a group of historical wargamers from the Maryland and Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC (members are also welcome from the city; we just have none at present). While there are many groups of boardgamers and miniature gamers locally, the groups specifically focused on gaming and simulation of historical conflicts seem mostly to be fairly far out in the suburbs. Most of us are closer in (College Park, University Park, Wheaton, and Silver Spring in Maryland; Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, and Springfield in Virginia).

We play board wargames and historical miniature wargames equally on a somewhat ad hoc schedule. We're looking for one or two good venues for hosting public games, so as to increase visibility and meet new people, but for the moment we tend to take turns hosting game days at our homes.

Novice wargamers and grognards welcome--all we ask of new members is an interest in history, good sportsmanship, and a sociable nature.

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Games & Stuff - Cromwell Shopping Center

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