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This Group will be about all those open-minded people -- regardless of age, gender, Religion, Culture,or Nationality-- who have realized the power of Thought over Matter! Who, at a certain point of their life's path, have read books by Seth ( "Seth Speaks"), or by Jerry-Esther-Abraham Hicks --like "The Law of Attraction"! Who have realized in their own lives , that WE create our OWN reality, while being conscious of our own thoughts and emotions!!

Our meet us will start taking place in the friendly living room of my house, in the Waterloo Center , (3' from the Bistro "La Pomme"), since we will be no more than 10...In case we are more, we can discuss and arrange a meet up somewhere else , like in La Pomme, for example. We can speak French to communicate, in case we all prefer to communicate in French ( I am SO sorry for no speaking Flemish!---but I do speak Greek, too!)

We will be discussing our own experience on the concept of Thought over Matter, and Law of Attraction. We can make interesting comments on the books we have read on these subjects. We can hear and comment on the Abraham -Hicks ' YouTube very interesting talks, on various interesting subjects!

We will help each other to live a happier and fuller life on ALL levels!!

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