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It is time to build a community that is dedicated to Safe and Respectful Human Sexual Wellness! All events, experiences and interactions will always be safe, respectful and non-judgmental. You must be 18 years old or older! Your guide, host and facilitator will be Gaia Shawna Morrissette, a sexual wellness coach, author and owner of Succulent Living! This will be a place to connect with like-minded people. Everyone over 18 years old is welcome as long as you are respectful, non-judgmental and follow the rules of each event. Any conduct or person that is not, will be asked to leave the event and be removed from the group.

Gaia will host a wide range of safe, entertaining and educational events that will support your sexual wellness, happiness and emotional wellbeing. Succulent Living - what does that mean? It means being present in your body, mind, spirit and sexual self. Every moment we have opportunity to find, explore and celebrate the pleasure possibilities if we know where to look. Gaia also will be writing fun and informational articles so the group can learn, talk and share ideas. The idea is to make KW a safe and sexier place to be! Who's in? To Learn more about Gaia and the work she does, please visit http://www.succulentliving.com

Someone asked me, 'Why is there a fee for events?' Here is the reason: It is important to understand why and where the fees for the events go. These fees cover rental fees for space, they cover the presenter's time (they are experts in their field and it is important they get paid). Would you go to work if your boss didn't pay you? Also, someone has to manage events and members, which takes time. People are making it fun, educational and safe so you can learn, discover and explore in this safe environment, so please support their time, efforts and abundance in return.

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Chakradance - Stoke Your Inner Fire

The Button Factory

Switch Your Inner DOM/FEMDOM ON

Allen St East

Nia in the Park - Frolic & Feast

Victoria Park

Nia in the Park - Frolic & Feast

Waterloo Park @ Westmount West End Entrance

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