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Hey there! Welcome to the group! This is an all women’s group for ages 20s-40s in and around the Watertown area. I don’t know about you, but being a transplant in my early 30s sure has made it hard to make some friends! This is an opportunity for young professional women to engage and build strong friendships. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone.

Attending Events:

Given you all have the ability to put events on your calendar, it is good to know we expect reliability from our members who book into events. We therefore are implementing a No Show Policy and suggest you familiarize yourself.

What constitutes a “No Show”

A member books who into an event and simply doesn’t show up to it and doesn’t explain why or even apologize for it.
A member books out of an event past a clear cancellation policy deadline designed by the event organizer which could be anything from two hours to two days beforehand. And is not considered an emergency or illness.
A member emails their apology while the event is in progress which is too late for the hostess to find out that they aren't actually coming.
A member shows up late to an event by 20 minutes.

Our “No Show” Three Strike Policy

At the end of each event, the hostess will edit their attendance. If they note there was a No Show, depending on the policy they can choose whether or not to mark “No Show” against that member’s name. This member will then show up at the bottom of the RSVP list for this event as a No Show under the Yes people who did attend. This will also become part of the members permanent record for this group.

An email will be sent to No Shows alerting them about our No Show policy. We will give the member 24 hours to have the chance to explain why they failed to show up in case the reason was traumatic or really out of their control. It is then up to the hostess whether or not to remove the No Show strike against them. If there are more than 3 no shows in a row you will be bumped from future events and removed from the group.

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Apple Picking

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Terrace Tuesday @ Arsenal Yards

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Volunteer - Cradles to Crayons

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Brunch at Stephanie’s!

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