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Founded over 120 years ago, Watkins Books is the oldest esoteric bookshop in the UK. Our store is on Cecil Court in Central London and every week we host an array of top speakers in the fields of spirituality, consciousness, new thought, esoterica and wellness. All our talks are free!

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Touched by Nature: Plant spirit medicine journeys (Lucy Wells and Pip Waller)

Join Pip Waller and Lucy Wells for a talk and book launch of their new book, Touched by Nature: Plant Spirit Medicine Journeys! Touched by Nature is about the incredible healing power of plants. Just as their bodies are able to heal our bodies, as evidenced by the many successes of herbal medicine, so their spirit – or energy – offers much needed help to our spirits. For this launch, Pip and Lucy will be sharing stories from the book, giving an introduction to plant spirit medicine as a healing modality in the times we are living, and ending with a Q&A and book signing. We can't wait to see you there! For more information about Pip, Lucy and the book: http://touchedbynaturepsm.uk/

From the Forest to the Pavement: Foraging as a Practice and Lifestyle

Modern foraging isn't about living off the land. It's about living with the land. A mere handful of foraged blackberries or greens can empower us to think differently about what we eat and where it comes from. Foraging is a living link between our civilised and uncivilised selves. Sara Bir, author of the cookbook and foraging guide The Fruit Forager's Companion, will discuss how plantspotting in rural and urban areas can connect us not only with nature, but other people in our communities. Bir will discuss foraging ethics and safety, best practices in plant identification, and how access to public land can energise and educate.

Healing in a Hospital: Evidence that Spiritual Healing Improves Health

Sandy Edwards had no sign of a natural healing ability, yet still decided to be a spiritual healer. After training with The Healing Trust, a non-religious UK charity, she approached a senior consultant at a city hospital and offered to give healing to his patients. Within 10 years of starting this voluntary healing work, Sandy had instigated the largest medical research trial of healing in the world. The clinical research study was led by a Russell Group university and funded by the National Lottery, with two research papers being published in medical journals. Discover how these amazing events (and their surprising results) came about at this event with Sandy in the Watkins bookshop on Cecil Court. After a short talk, there will be a Q&A session and the chance to buy 'Healing in a Hospital' and get your copy signed by the author!

Who was King Solomon? Ahmed Osman introduces his new book

Ahmed Osman's detailed and scholarly study of the interaction between old biblical stories and ancient Egypt is the fruit of a lifetime's learning. This is the last of his quartet of books, which finally solves mysteries that have puzzled mankind for thousands of years. His first book 'Stranger in the Valley of the Kings' located the biblical figure of Joseph in the Egyptian court of the 18th dynasty; his second, 'Moses and Akhenaten' shows how Akhenaten the rebel pharaoh turned into Moses, a truly stunning metamorphosis that brought about the birth of monotheism; his third 'the Lost City of the Exodus' described how, when and where 'the Exodus' happened. This new book, 'The Egyptian Origins of King David and the Temple of Solomon', looks at an earlier period of history, at the beginning of the Book of Genesis' historical narrative, as Abraham and his sister journeyed into Egypt. Following a talk from Osman to introduce the book, there will be a Q&A session as well as a chance to get your copy of the book signed by the author.

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