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Founded over 120 years ago, Watkins Books is the oldest esoteric bookshop in the UK. Our store is on Cecil Court in Central London and every week we host an array of top speakers in the fields of spirituality, consciousness, new thought, esoterica and wellness. All our talks are free!

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You Were Not Born To Suffer with Blake Bauer

Watkins Books

Blake Bauer's internationally bestselling You Were Not Born To Suffer explains why depression, addiction, physical illness, unfulfilling work and relationship problems can be caused by years of hiding your true emotions, denying your life purpose and living in fear. Join Blake at the Watkins' bookshop for this talk, Q&A and book-signing and learn how to slow down and cultivate peace and self-acceptance, freeing yourself from the destructive thoughts, habits and situations that are stopping you from being happy and well.

The Truth Inside: Messages from My Daughter in the Afterlife with Ali Norell

Join Ali Norell to celebrate the launch of her book, The Truth Inside (O Books) on 6th June 2019 from 6:30PM. In July 2014 Ali's youngest daughter, Romy, died suddenly aged four months. Ali's lifelong belief in spiritualism was challenged in the hardest way possible, but through encounters with spiritual mediums and with several experiences that she found difficult to explain away, she found her way back to hope and positivity. The Truth Inside asserts that our link with our loved ones is never severed, even by death. Above all, it is a tribute from a devoted mother to her daughter and a gift to anyone who grieves; offering a warm hug, wordless understanding and compassion alongside the comforting knowledge that our loved ones are not lost. Ali will talk about the inspiration for this book as a memorial to her daughter's life and how writing it lead her back from a dark place of grief to a positive and meaningful life, before a short Q&A and book signing.

Messages from the Masters with Ted Mahr

Watkins Books

Have you ever wondered about what the Masters of the past would have to say about what is going on today? They may not be as far removed as you may think. They are very much aware of what’s happening in the world today, and they want to share their knowledge with us from the other side. Ted Mahr grew up in a psychic family where it was normal to talk to spirits on the other side. His foster mother was a master psychic who used to find missing and lost children for the Seattle USA area police departments, and over the years she taught him how to talk to spirits on the other side - something he now has over 24 years experience in. Ted has recently published a book called “Messages from the Masters”, which great spirits asked him to write so their cosmic messages of Galactic Wisdom can help bring humanity and the planet from darkness into light. This new book contains messages from great men of history; these messages are meant as a guide book for humanity to create a beautiful, happy, and loving planet. He and the Great Masters hope you will join all of them in co-creating this beautiful New Earth where war and conflict are just distant memories, and in the words of John Lennon, “all the world will live as one!” Ted will be signing books, and giving a presentation on his new book, “Messages from the Masters”, with messages from Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Nostradamus, and other great spirits on our beautiful, bright future at Watkins Books on Thursday, June 13th from 6:30 pm to 7:30pm. The presentation is free, and we hope all of you can come.

Dr. Emoto's The Message from Water with Michiko Hayashi

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese water researcher who discovered after taking tens of thousands of water crystal photographs that when water is exposed to positive, beautiful words, thoughts, music and vibrations, it creates beautiful, hexagonal crystalline structures. On the other hand, when water is exposed to negative, ugly or destructive words, thoughts, music and vibrations it does not make these beautiful crystalline structures, instead forming ugly shapes. Because both the human body and Earth itself are about 70 percent water, it is essential that we all learn about water and how it is connected to our thoughts and words. Before his passing, Dr. Emoto founded The Emoto Peace Project (now registered as a non-profit children's charity) with the aim to distribute 650 million copies of his children's book, The Message from Water. Since his transition, Michiko Hayashi has been continuing Dr. Emoto's life mission as the Ambassdor and Global Director of the Emoto Peace Project by continuing to distribute The Message from Water, spreading the valuable lessons of love and gratitude learnt from years of research into water structure. The Message from Water does not have a retail price, with the Emoto Peace Project instead asking for a small donation of £5 to be made for each copy. To hear Michiko's presentation about Dr. Emoto's life works and mission as well as getting a copy of the book and the chance to have it signed, join us for this free talk at the beautiful Watkins Bookshop in the heart of London. We hope to see you there!

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