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Pathfinder- Rise of the Runelords
Rise of the Runelords is a continuous campaign which attempts to meet once a month. At this time, we have no space for additional players. Due to character limits future event descriptions will be limited to a synopsis of the last session only. The party makes their way into the Skulls crossing dam. They dispatch 4 trolls hiding in the first room. They make their way down into the dam and kill Grazoul the wet. They then encounter a skullripper who beheads the Rogue, Gary, and barely misses beheading the female dwarf. Sumehow summoned by the passing of his brother, another Rogue, Berry, follows in, replacing the fallen Gary. It is discovered that a pit fiend is trapped in a rune circle near another rune circle which contains a mere pile of ash. The pit fiend is barely alive and crying out for help. The party attempts to kill it but does not succeed. The Druid opens the portcullis, steps into the circle with the crimson ash, energizing the circles (adding a negative level to him which he recovers from quickly), killing the pit fiend, which activates the dam that begins to slowly lower the water level in the Storval Deep. The party is now at 10th level. New 10th level characters should be made using a 20 point ability score buy, no evil alignments. Starting gold is 62,000 gp. Magical weapons, armor, potions, scrolls(up to to 2nd level) and wands may be purchased. Rings, Wondrous Items, etc. of less than 5,000gp are available for purchase. other items are obtainable at the GM's discretion.

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    This is a Meetup for people interested in role playing games in the Waukesha, WI area. Although I started this group to start a Pathfinder campaign with other Pathfinder enthusiasts, I am open also to playing Dungeons & Dragons or other role playing games at some point in the future. Looking forward to a fun and adventurous time with everybody.
    In the future as well, we might expand into board games.

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