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A group that will meet to discuss a subject in a thoughtful and reflective philosophical matter. Socrates Café is meant to provide a refreshing and exhilarating alternative to the way many groups engage with one another — it is meant to be the exact opposite of the mindless types of debates and diatribe we see today. Socrates Cafe is for people who believe the exchange of ideas and thoughts should be done with respect and NOT being the loudest or the person who interrupts the most in a attempt to win. Socrates Café is discourse in which the primary purpose is to inspire each person within the community of inquiry further to cultivate and discover his/her unique point of view, nothing more and certainly nothing less.
We welcome thoughtful, reasonable discourse that connects diverse people who hold an array of perspectives. We invite those willing to show respectfulness for and sensitivity towards the views and feelings of others, open-mindedness and indeed open-heartedness to join.

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