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This group is a foundation of a charity and social enterprise start up. The intention is create supportive environments for people who are on the path of personal transformation and wish to be creatively inspired to share their voice and vision through inspired individual and social change. The aim is to bring like minded people together, to uplift and inspire one another to leading a creatively inspired life. We also will create many inspired projects to inspire people with openness, generosity, and self empowerment.

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Dawn Centre Volunteering
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For those interested in helping out at the homeless coffee house/drop in centre on weekdays between 8 AM and 1 PM contact The Y Support Project, The Dawn Centre, Conduit Street [near the train station]. Leicester, LE2 0JN,[masked], Day Centre Manager Kate Beaumont. They need volunteers to cover two hour or more shifts nearly any day. Suggest you call ahead of time and ask for Kate who will set you up with a shift and a brief [15 minute] orientation.. Let her know that her "Yankee buddy" Steve recommended you speak to me.... If you are not interested yourself, spread the word, they need volunteers, even ones who could only do two hours a month.....

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Meet Up with Like Minded Inspired People for a Chat

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