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Meet Up with Like Minded Inspired People for a Chat

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The Intention of this meet up is to meet with other like minded people who wish to collectively inspire, uplift and empower one another through sharing inspiring stories, experiences, insights and perspectives. If you leave the meet up with a smile, feeling good and inspired then the group has served it's purpose.

Sometimes the simple act of meeting other people, sharing inspired stories/perspectives and allowing yourself to be open and honest can bring a great deal of transformation within ourselves and others.

It doesn't matter if you are inspired by personal transformation and empowerment, or business start ups, or voluntary and charity work, or some creative venture, or social and humanitarian projects or just inspired to be authentically YOU. It all comes back to allowing and trusting our own creatively inspired source within ourselves and allowing this energy to flow to all aspects of our life. Recognising this movement of creative energy as a movement of life itself.

The meeting will be flexible. We will probably start off with a group introduction, There won't be any specific topics covered in this meet up but just a opening up to allowing yourself to creatively express yourself to one another.

You may wish to share any material such as videos, quotes, inspirational stories and experiences which you have been inspired by.

It is my intention to create inspired projects in the future so we can uplift and empower our community as a whole. This may be something as simple as giving people who are experiencing some difficulty a bit of our time and friendship. To voluntary work or random acts of generosity.

The group will act as a supportive environment to allow ourselves to trust our own creative inspiration and nurture our positive qualities.

If you have to leave early then that is okay. If you have any suggestions for this meet up then please let us know. I also run a meditation & Sound Therapy group at or