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Welcome, outdoor adventure enthusiasts! This group is for all those who love and appreciate the beauty of our natural world, and enjoy exploring its wonders with others. We mostly hike well-marked trails in state and national parks, or urban greenways. But we also schedule more adventurous hikes in wilder areas, with more challenging tredways and changes in elevation from time to time. We also do kayaking excursions, both flat water and gentle white water (class I-II rapids, nothing too challenging!). We're open to all ages and in fact usually have a mix of generations on our hikes. We're also very welcoming of guests, friends, and family who want to tag along.

Our dues are zero dollars a year. That's right--we don't charge to belong. When we need money to maintain the site we'll think of something then. But for now, we charge no dues!

We do many of our activities in conjunction with another local group, the 0-100 Adventure-Hiking-Social-Etc. meetup group based in Charlotte. Over the years we've developed many close friendships with the people in the 0-100 group, and their presence and expertise has enabled us to take our adventures to a higher level. Plus, they're just a fun group of folks!

While I schedule most of the adventures, please feel free to suggest some yourselves. If there is a particular trail you think the group would enjoy hiking at a particular time, just drop me a quick message and I'll check it out. I personally only lead hikes that I have 'reconned' in advance, and I suggest that anyone who wishes to lead a hike adopt the same rule.

You will notice that for most of our adventures we meet at a convenient local spot to organize car pooling to the trailhead. If you have a vehicle and don't mind driving others, please consider offering rides to the other members (it's a great way to get to know your fellow adventurers). If you're riding with someone else, don't forget to give the driver a few dollars to cover your share of the cost of gas.

One last thing you need to know about our group--and this is VERY important: we are 100% non-smoking on our adventures. The reason for that is we have some members who are very allergic to tabacco smoke, so much so that exposure to it has resulted in hospitalization in the past. So it's very important to refrain from smoking when engaged in any of our group activities. I hope that everyone can live with and abide by that restriction.

That's about it. I hope you enjoy your experience with the Waxhaw Hiking Meetup Group, and I can't wait to see you on the trail! If you have any questions or concerns, call me, Jim Stegall, at 704-221-1958.

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Easy Hiking Trail at Historic Brattonsville, 5 miles

Historic Brattonsville

An hour south of Charlotte there is a hidden jewel that everyone who lives here ought to experience at least once. The Bratton family homestead and plantation dates back to before the Revolution, and much of it has been carefully (and accurately) restored. On selected weekends it's open to the public and staffed by re-enactors, some of whom are the descendants of the enslaved people who lived and worked on the plantation before the Civil War. The site includes the Bratton family's main dwelling, restored outbuildings (including a working kitchen), dining hall, slave quarters, barns, blacksmith shop, smoke house--just about everything a working plantation would have had in those days. Nearby is an easy hiking trail of just under five miles that encompasses the site of a Revolutionary War battle called "Huck's Defeat." I propose we meet at Brattonsville at ten o'clock (car pooling from Stonecrest at 9:00 for those who wish), amble through the woods a bit on the looping trail, stop for lunch (concessions will be available on site, or you can bring your own), and tour the plantation for another hour or so. I imagine we'll finish up around 3:00pm. There's much more to see and do at Brattonsville than I can relate to you here, so follow this link to see for yourself: http://chmuseums.org/brattonsville/ This link shows what all they'll be doing on the day of our visit://chmuseums.org/event/2703/

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Rafting on the Nantahala River!

StoneCrest at Piper Glen

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