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The meditations in this group are not the typical meditation practice, they are meant to build on and are not only dynamic and experiential but ultimately very transformational.

The group is for all woman

As we are powerful in our diversity, shape, size, cultural and religious backgrounds we come together with the goal of wanting harmony inside and out. This group is for woman who want to learn and experience the power of Tibetan Yoga Meditation and holistic energy methods for self and others.

Every woman is affected by the dynamic energies within that shape behavior and influence emotions. Recognizing and activating these indwelling energies can make these forces more accessible and contribute to greater understanding and transform our consciousness and open us to direct mystical experiences that bring wisdom. We can move beyond the stresses of anxiety and depression to experience clarity, joy and a more fulfilled existence, realizing our inner potential and un-manifested dreams.

How do we open ourselves up to make a connection to these potent energies, energies that have been a source of inspiration and change throughout every culture through time?

Meditation is the key, bridging the gap between the outer and inner world. We apply methods in meditation that allow for the safe unfolding and transformation of energy using the chakras and pathways and learn how to apply it to the inner work, guiding the energy using breath, sound, mantra and visuals. These are female empowering meditations using traditional Tibetan female archetypes.

We weave and cultivate the power and energy from earth and sky to propel our practice, and also learn to use it for the benefit of others when and if one is moved to apply holistic energy medicine practices.

If you are an aspirant of the spiritual or one who is looking for guidance and seek a more intense and powerful method that manifests very quickly when applied...this path is for you.

We also appreciate your accurate assessment of RSVP for a class since space can be limited , not all attendance is from meetup

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Tibetan Tumo (fierce goddess)Meditation and Sound Bliss

Hampton Inn & Suites Riverside/Corona East

This specific practice of Tumo(fierce goddess) is a slight modification for woman. Unlike kundalini where the energy is pushed up, the psychic heat of Tumo is a an upward drawing process which addresses our natural movement as woman, raising the flames of transformation as it initiates a sequence of physical and mental changes that affect and connect the body, mind, and spirit simultaneously. Tumo meditation has profound benefits. It consumes the lower aspects of ourselves such as attachments and enables us to generate more essence, less depression and physical pain, lessening the negative effects of menopause and much more. This energy rises and melts, creating bliss. When we experience this bliss we immediately go beyond thought, beyond duality, and realize emptiness. With this practice, not only does one highly refine their subtle body (and therefore physical health), but it is a path to transformation and enlightenment itself. This guided meditation will allow for the safe unfolding of energy through the use of visuals, mantra and some breath, uplifting our hearts and minds. After the practice, we will do a sound bliss with crystal and Tibetan sound bowls to help integrate the experience and help with any needed healing. IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!! Management of the hotel has requested that masks be worn everywhere in hotel except our class(that includes bathrooms.) Touch-less temperature read at the entrance of class door, masks are optional but minimum 6 ft spacing between each person is required (there will be plenty of space to spread out. )We will have industrial ozone air purification, immune boosting oils in air, and hand sanitizers at the door. THIS CLASS IS NOT RECOMMENDED IF YOU ARE PREGNANT as the process and energy may be to intense Wear something comfy and please bring your own mats, pillows, blankets and drinking vessel. Arrive at least 15 min ahead to secure a spot .The doors will close promptly at 1pm RSVP here to reserve a spot. If you intend on bringing a friend, make sure you indicate this in RSVP. As always we appreciate your love donations ..you can donate at this link http://wayofthetigress.org/donate/ or in the class Check out our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/amitalight/ May all sentient beings have happiness and its causes. May all sentient beings be free from suffering and its causes. May all sentient beings never be separated from bliss that is free from suffering. May all sentient beings abide in equanimity, free of bias, attachment and aversion. 🙏🙏🙏

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Tibetan Energy Meditation & Sound Bliss

Hampton Inn & Suites Riverside/Corona East

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