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St. Petersburg Food Not Bombs: Weekly Monday Evening Food Sharing
Come out and get involved with your in community ♥ The subject of this week's teach-in hosted by Bruce Wright is "What does it mean to Resist the System". These teach-ins usually begin around 7pm and have just been amazing so far! We are a vegan/vegetarian movement, because this is a non-violent organization, and that act of non-violence extends out to all living beings. We would prefer to use resources of food that would normally be thrown away. One of the ideas behind Food Not Bombs is that corporate and government priorities are skewed to allow hunger to persist in the midst of abundance. To demonstrate this (and to reduce costs), a large amount of the food served by the group is surplus food from grocery stores, bakeries and markets that would otherwise go to waste. WE ARE IN NEED OF: Mens Clothing Mens Work Boots SILVERware (not plastic) Cups (reusable) Food Donations (especially If you have stuff getting close to expiration that you don't want to go to waste) If you have nothing to offer, but make music..this is always a beautiful and welcome gift to our houseless community. It has been reported that when we bring live entertainment, it keep their spirits high for the rest of the week ♥ We are an anarchist and non-secular organization. Our morals and actions reflect on these values. We share food rain or shine Source: Food Not Bombs of Saint Petersburg on Facebook:

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Meet other local citizens who are interested in publicizing the truth about the three World Trade Center buildings' collapses on September 11, 2001. We support the work of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth ( Let's raise our voices together to demand a completely new and independent investigation of the events of 9/11. Enough time has passed that we must confront the numerous unanswered questions. Take away the politics and just evaluate the evidence scientifically. If you are unfamiliar with this controversy, please perform a web search of the term, "WTC building 7."

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