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Were you in the system as a kid or teenager? Are you an orphaned adult?

Perhaps you are orphans of war, circumstance, death or perhaps you are orphans of toxic abusive parents who are still very much alive.

Going through life without family is hard. No matter how old we get, it's a pain that most people do not understand and it's a lonely road.

I started this group as a means to find community and family in each other. I am not a therapist and this is not a therapy group (just an FYI). I don't know what form this group will take, but at the very least we can be with others who understand the life of a former foster kid and share our stories with others who understand.

And when the dreaded holiday season comes, we can eat turkey together and share laughs instead of being alone and "watching from the outside"-we know what this means.

It's time for us to have a community! WE ARE FAMILY!!

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