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As a gig goer for many, many years i'm looking to meet some fellow music fans to go to them with. My music tastes are varied so there may be the odd non-rock, nor even, non-music event posted on there too. I'm a big fan of The Fleece, but will travel far and wide for the right gig.

The groups been running for just over a year, with, I'll admit limited success! People asked for a social, I organised it and no-one came! It's so easy to not go to things, especially on the night when it's a bit cold and Netflix is teasing the next episode of whatever you are binge-watching. So, there are a few ground-rules for being in the group...

1) Be sure you are signed up for emails from the group. I send out my mobile number and where to meet in the week before the event so good to know you are got it.

2) I run a one strike and you're out rule. This is based on the gigs recently where I have spent these evening trying to locate people who have said they are coming and then not turned up, and not changed their RSVP. I get it, stuff happens, but it takes no time to let me know.

Other than that, that's it!

Hope to see you at a gig soon!


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