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Your guys went from Slaves to Heroes in a week's time, bought was the freedom by the Blades of Fortune Heroes Guild, lead by Brutaro Zodd, a Half-Orc with a strong presence and a confident look in his one eye. the Adventuring Party spent a month's time learning the basics of the world and refining skills aboard a traveling vessel that sails through the sky and the planes themselves. A messenger bird drops off a courier's package which includes work for the new party. Brutaro assembles the new recruits and once they've reached course he opens a small armory for them to take what is needed for the Task.

LEVEL 2 characters.

okay for anyone using the Character builder you have a 3000gp(each) limit on supplies. add a +1 of your level +2(lvl 4) item/armor/weapon to your character and an Adventuring Kit.

any questions and details please feel free to contact us.