The Lords of Flatbusch

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The Lords of Flatbusch are being challenged by the Guilds. As factions vie for power, it is the Capital University and the various clergy running the seminary who are bridging the increasing gap between old money and new money.

The thieves guild and the assassins guild were always lurking in the dark places of the city. City Watch figured they policed themselves better than anybody else could. The lords used them against lords and the guilds used them against other guilds or the outlying cottage industry leaders.

In the old days it was considered a bad manners to pay the underbelly guilds to cross tier boundaries, but lately, the Sword and Shield Guild of Retired Adventurers are shocked this line is being crossed now.

For some inexplicable reason.

As the elves say, "In between the moons and you, the angels get a better view of the crumbling difference between wrong and right."

Welcome to the cold war of the old world.

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Putting spell, sword and shield up for the highest bidder. We battle once a week on Tuesdays (minus major holidays) 6PM until close or when ever we get to a good stopping point at Out of the Box in Kentwood.

* The party is at max capacity right now with 8 PC's. *