Star Wars D&D 5E

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Hello All!

New gaming opportunity here!

Tegan Jenkins

Will be starting a Star Wars based D&D 5E game using PHB and other resources found here:

There is a 5 player max with 3 seats accounted for already.
So by D&D math that is 1+1+1+1 plus 1.

* The game will take place 1500 years before The Phantom Menace, and 500 years before the battle of Rusaan
*With this being before the rule of 2, the sith are still around in high numbers
*4 major factions The Republic, 3 sith factions The Hegemony, The Enclave, The Horde
*This is a Legends campaign using old EU info

Character Creation:
* All classes , backgrounds and alignments are open to be used (i.e the party can be a mix of jedi, sith, mandalorians, etc). -(from the SW 5E in the link)
* Most species are fair game let him know what you are thinking to see if its a good fit for the setting
*Start at level 6, roll for stats, we will be doing a session zero so feel free to roll then
* Feel free to take force sensitive as a background feat regardless of the background that you chose
* Sith characters let him know if you want to take the “Darth” title, there will something in game that goes along with this and you won’t get it right away.
* Since we are starting at level 6 your character (if you choose to be) is known in the galaxy so feel free to give them an expansive backstory
*** Feel free to choose any alignment just make sure that the character that you create will be able to work with others.

Character background/questions:
* What is your character's motivation, what do they hope to accomplish by adventuring (i.e are they in it for the credits, want to bring peace & stability, or become the strongest sith lord in the galaxy)?
* What’s your characters view of the force?
* Does your character have any notable family/any divisions in your family
* Is there anything you want your character to accomplish or encounter during the campaign

Game info:
* He expects the campaign to run about 10-12 sessions and may have additional campaigns in the same universe
* No PVP
* Leveling will be based off of milestones
* It's his first time DM’ing so it will be pretty laid back, feedback is appreciated

Game will look to have a balances RP/Combat focus, so bring your Star Wars role play with you!

The $5.00 fee is store based. $2.50 goes to Tegan as store credit to get minis and maps and resources for the game, the other $2.50 is yours in store credit for snacks, drinks, or whatever else you'd like to spend it on.