What we're about

We’re about making movies and having fun while doing it! People of all experience levels can join us, whether they be cast or crew. The only way to get experience is to actually do it.

You can join us in my different tasks:
Actors: We will choose from a bank of scripts based on who is available, though we cannot guarantee a role every shoot.
Screenwriters: We’ll need as many screenplays as possible to choose from for our next project. Preferably short film screenplays (less than 20 pages) and a limited amount of locations (3 or less).
Lighting: Any experience level is welcome and this is a very pivotal role. We have some lighting equipment but welcome any additional that can be provided.
Director of Photography: Help shoot our movies! I have a prosumer camera but like with lighting, we welcome any additional equipment that can be provided for the shoot.
Sound: We would love for you to be our Sound Recordist! We have equipment but if you would like to provide your own you are welcome to it.
Editor: We can send you the footage when we’re done shooting. Please note we expect a turnaround of a couple weeks.
In addition, there’s plenty of other roles to fill, like Script Supervisor, Composer, Lighting Crew, etc.
Please note that depending on the size of the cast/crew, you may need to wear multiple hats to help us get short completed. All part of the fun of low-budget filmmaking!

We will put the completed projects on YouTube on our Technically Films page. Please note the following requirements:
1. If you are an actor you will need to sign our release paperwork allowing us to show you on our videos.
2. There is no pay involved and this is strictly for fun/experience. Due to that, Screen Actor Guild members can only work as crew.
3. We reserve the right to take you out of the group if you are making other members uncomfortable or are negatively affecting the project. Being in this group is a privilege, not a right.
4. Some equipment you will be handling is expensive and you will be financially responsible if there is any damage.

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