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This is free training for the next 6 to 8 weeks, Tuesday evenings at 6pm at Packard Place (222 Church Street, Charlotte).

Who should sign up: any veteran with a desire to learn about Hadoop technology and app development (both very desirable skills) or just brush up on IT skills in general.

No prior computer training required, just have a desire to learn!

More about the Charlotte Code Ops Challenge:

Take some old hardware, a group of Charlottes active developer community and build a set of new data services that can be used to power local apps with local data using Hadoop Technology. Simply put, Hadoop is a method of networking several computers together to act as one - being implemented nationally in the big data sector, and few people have the knowledge/skill to do it. Philip Dodds (Dataset.io) will be providing the training once a week in the evening for free. The aim is to provide:

A low cost data store (a cluster architecture using end of life PC's)
A RESTful API for accessing geospatial data
Providing access to collaborative datasets
Acting as a proxy above Charlotte City's own Geo-services
A Visualization Widget - based on Google Maps incorporating data from the service for use by local businesses and available to local startups
A collaboration UI where people can sign up and provide data to the platform

In addition to working on the project, you would be coached and trained on enhanced code/IT skills. The ultimate goal is to build something useful and put it on display for the DNC in September - we want to show the country what Charlotte's veterans are capable of.

More about We Serve Again:

We Serve Again is a new organization that is part of a larger movement to change the economic profile of Charlotte from that of a financial city to an innovative hot-bed for technology and energy start ups. Our part in the mission is to challenge our nation's veterans to continue their service by engaging in the start-up/small business sector. We Serve Again has been tasked to find 10 veterans with some basic code/development skills to work on a project for the city of Charlotte:

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