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What is Street Photography? Street photography is about making visually interesting images through candid moments everyday life. It is up to you to see the world and its stories, emotions, quirks, characters and your environment. Blink or hesitate and the moment maybe gone forever!

Where can I shoot? The "street", as defined in street photography can be absolutely anywhere, from a crowded market, a shop window, the park, a museum or just out and about on your travels.

Is it legal to shoot people in public? The short and fast answer yes! As long as you are in a public domain (i.e you are not standing on private property or being obstructive you have the right to shoot strangers. Use your street smarts, show social etiquette and common curtesy at all times.

Street photographers are an interesting and controversial breed. As with any form of photography, there are varying techniques, styles, approaches, and equipment used. This group aims to make and keep street photography accessible to everyone! To catch a decisive moment or stumble upon serendipitous timing does not necessarily require expensive gear - some street photographers use an iPhone as their choice. It isn't what you use but what you see with your eyes and making it work.

Events range from beginner and intermediate street walks, challenges, workshops, day trips, social drinks, talks, visits to exhibitions and galleries and more.

This group will suit you if you are interested in exploring urban environments with your camera in small group numbers. That will mean shooting strangers in public spaces. The focus of the group is to use the urban environment and whatever or whomever it presents on any given day.

All levels and abilities are welcome! The only prerequisite is that you want to be shooting as much as possible, view no time as a bad time to shoot, and have vast amounts of fun while doing it.

Group Rules:

• By joining this group, you understand the concept and genre that is Street Photography. By turning up to our events you are aware that this style of photography involves photographing strangers/people on the street in a public domain without permission which is legal. If you are not comfortable with this, this is probably not the photography group for you.

• Please use street smarts, social etiquette, and be polite to members of the public you choose to photography. Aggressive behaviour or harassment towards members of the public will not be tolerated.

• Confrontation or aggression by members of the public towards you the photographer as a result of unwanted photography attention will be your responsibility. We Shoot People organisers shall not be liable for the actions of individual group members. This includes physical or verbal attacks, damaged personal belongings or any other action deemed as a crime.

• All due care must be used when attending group events, this includes health and safety. By joining We Shoot People Meetup you accept responsibility for your own actions. We Shoot People group will not be liable for accidents, injury, health or other medical attention as a result of carelessness or personal consequence.

• Street photography involves taking candid shots of people. Therefore, if you attend our events, there is a good chance you will be photographed and your photo posted on here. By attending our events, you give consent for this to happen.

• This group is not to be used for self-promotion, or for recruiting group members for your own purposes. Anyone caught doing so will be warned, and then barred.

• Please only post MAXIMUM 5-10 images per event. Please review and critique your best work before posting - do not post heavy HDR or colourised images. Anyone posting too many photos or over processed shots may be asked to remove them or images will be removed by the administrators.

• If you attend a Meetup, you are required to pay as detailed per event. This includes if you RSVP for it, turn up and post photos of it but don't actually join the group.

• Abusive, obnoxious, aggressive and generally rude behaviour will not be tolerated from anyone, whether towards myself or other group members. This will result in a banning or blacklist from the group.

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