Price: £3.50 /per person

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Do you love to shoot film? Do you think film grain is cool? Do you like a creative challenge? Can you live without your digital camera for a day?! Well, this could be the event for you!

You will be given a set of photography assignment instructions (TBC) to shoot a roll of film (either 24 or 36 exp).

NOTE: Make sure you use C41 film so that it can be processed in 1 hour (For B&W Ilford XP2 can be used) else for colour 35mm this is standard.

We will meet up in a designated location (Snappy Snaps!) to carry out a 'themed' assignment in a scheduled time period and return back there at the end of it.

Some of us will then hand in our rolls of film for a 1 hour process (optional), go for a social drink/bite to eat at a nearby pub *tick tock, tick tock*....

... 1 hour later, (for those brave enough!) you collect your developed prints and share what interesting images you got with everyone else at the pub. Picking out your favourites, giving 'constructive' feedback, general film and camera chit chat, etc.

Otherwise, simply collect your prints at a later stage select your BEST 5 shots to upload as per the rules below.

This fun event is open to beginners or advanced film shooters who understand the basics of using a film camera, such as aperture and shutter speed settings. Its all about being creative and improving your photographers eye, and not about who's using the best or more expensive camera!

This event will be repeated with new themed assignments (depending on its popularity!).

Image upload Rules: Themed street photography, Street portraits, (i.e. candid and interesting photos with a human element in it). Maximum 5 pictures per person. Images that do not fit this description may be removed.