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We Shoot ...and Occupy London!

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This protest is starting at 1pm, at St. Pauls Cathedral

Sharp shooters get your cameras ready for a photojournalism event in London. This global Occupy demonstration will take place all over the world on 12 May 2012 including London.

Quotation from the official Occupy London page:

"MEET THE 1%: in London
Our city has lost its pride. It’s been stolen. Our politicians, regulators and those who were meant to be looking after things sold us out. Who is benefiting?

‘We are all in this together’ never rang so hollow. There is no ‘together’ and they are not part of ‘we’. They want us to pay for their crisis … and we think we should. So let’s pay them a visit, one by one.

On 12 May people around the world will rise up again responding to the global call for action that marks the birth of the indignados movement.

It’s time to meet the 1 per cent. And guess what? They are right here in London!

Let’s visit those who gambled with our pensions and savings, created financial nonsense to make money out of thin air, paid hundreds of thousands to wine and dine with our ‘elected’ representatives, were bailed out, evaded billions in taxes and secured 40% of the world’s wealth for themselves.

‘We are all in this together’ never rang so hollow. There is no ‘together’ and they are not part of ‘we’. They are doing everything they can to keep the status quo. But it’s time for an economy that puts people’s well-being and the environment we live in before corporate profits. And they are in our way.

On Saturday 12 May, we’ll deliver our very own personal messages to them. Be creative: come dressed as your least favorite banker, tax evader, corporate tycoon, politician, vampire squid, and company CEO. Bring stickers, monopoly money, caution tape, placards, faux awards, pots, pans, bullhorns, conches, tents, stereos, war horns or any other “random acts of kindness” you like.

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