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Hello fellow introverts! Like good food, good laughs, and being home at a reasonable hour? Me too! I wanted to create a space for women in their twenties and thirties to get together and share their favorite restaurants, movies, and activities. More importantly, I wanted it to be a space where we understand the often misunderstood in’s-and-out’s of introversion. Want to discover new restaurants and get some good pictures of our food? Done. Want to spend a girls night in complete with movies and sweatpants? So down. Want to get dressed up and go on adventures? Ok, just give me time to mentally prepare. This is a place for new friends and lots of fun!

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SSDGM in Los Angeles! A True Crime Extravaganza

Museum of Death

Hey everyone! I was finally able to figure out our next exciting meetup. Sadly, the bus tour wasn't being offered and I couldn't find any other tours that peaked my interest or were worth the price. So here's the plan: we can take a trip through the Museum of Death before having dinner at the Velvet Margarita, a Day of the Dead themed cantina known for their good Mexican food and margaritas. Since we are all coming from the (approximate) same area, we should definitely try to work out carpools. We can use the comment section to try to plan transportation. Let's plan on meeting at the museum at 4:30, which will give us time to explore before the restaurant opens at 6:00. Admission is $10 and the restaurant isn't super expensive, for anyone on a budget after the holidays. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new people!

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Last Minute Brunch at Mamas on 39!

Mama's 39

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